We all benefit when we make our world larger.

DMLA is a unique community…

…of visual media licensing professionals who share a common goal of building a stronger and more profitable industry. Whether from a stock agency, a museum, a broadcast organization, a production company or a corporation, we each face similar issues managing and licensing content.

Content development, distribution and management are the core of each of our businesses, and rights and licensing the foundation of every content collection. It is imperative to stay on top of the latest technologies for running our businesses.

DMLA provides connectivity and facilitation services including:

1Digital Media Licensing Conference
Our annual conference draws attendees from around the globe to focus on education, discuss important issues, participate in vital seminars and make connections with potential trade partners and vendors.

2Legal Forms Library
Continually updated, our legal forms and agreements are helpful templates for member companies' legal needs.

3DMLA Blog
A leader in the field of US copyright, our legal counsel, Nancy Wolff, monitors new law and rulings that affect our industry, and provides regular updates.