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May 20, 2013
What's New?


This year's theme will be "Opportunity in Change": with the challenges we face in our industry today, where can we find opportunities to grow? We are very excited about the list of speakers that has already begun to grow with names of some of the brightest new stars in the photo industry! We are working hard to set the tone for "photo week" in New York City!. Mark your calendars for October 20-23rd, 2013.

Returning to New York City, we will be teaming up with Visual Connections to bring a 3-day event, which will feature the PACA Conference on days 1 and 2 and Visual Connections on day 3. The Altman Building will be the venue for this one-of-a-kind experience. Look for more information in the next couple of weeks including registration discounts and more.

Lots of new changes this year…you won't want to miss out!

Susan Jones and Yasha Spong, Co-Chairs


As many of you have heard, the UK Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill (ERRB) has received royal assent - which means it is now an act of parliament and the copyright clauses contained in the act have now become law. This has triggered a flurry of online debate, outrage and quite a few claims that this is the death of copyright. In an attempt to inform its members, BAPLA put together a fact sheet, which they have generously shared with us:


Although this legislation is UK-focused, the EU and other countries are nervously looking at the impact this decision my have on future copyright debates. Also, since many US photographers and image libraries have images with UK companies, the orphan works element of the bill could directly affect them.

Registries are at the center of the ERRB and as a result organizations such as BAPLA and PLUS are creating "spokes" for the new copyright hub so that images will be found if someone is searching for an image, which has lost its metadata. Since ours is such an international business, we are all effected by these laws even if they are country-specific. It may be necessary for image libraries/ photographers to join one of these hubs in order to prevent works from inadvertently being deemed an "orphan".

There are still many unanswered questions in regards to the legislation such as what happens if you conduct a "diligent search" in the UK, you don't find the image you are looking for, use the image under the UK Orphan Works scheme, but it turns out the image isn't actually from the UK? How would that be handled and what laws would be followed? Many cross-border issues have been raised and in particular whether the ERRB conflict with the UK's obligations to the Berne Convention.

We will continue to provide information on the ERRB as it unfolds.

Cathy Aron
Executive Director

Brooklyn, NY

Alamy is sponsoring an aviation photography competition launched by PrivateFly.com. The Private Jet Photography Awards 2013 are now open for submissions and will be judged by an expert panel from the world of aviation and travel photography.

The awards will be launched at the start of international aviation trade event EBACE 2013, and include five categories: In the Air, On the Ground, Detail, Aircraft Crew and Speed. Entries are invited from both amateur and professional photographers based anywhere in the world.

The international judging panel includes established aviation and travel photographers Nick Meers, Paul Bowen, Jessica Ambats and Craig Easton. Other judges include Alan Capel - Head of Content at Alamy, Caroline Metcalfe - Picture Editor of Conde Nast Traveller and Manfred Zollner – Managing Editor of Fotomagazin in Germany.

A cash prize of £250 (or equivalent local currency) will be awarded to the winner of each category, with the overall winner receiving an additional £1,000 from PrivateFly. If the winning photographer submits to Alamy, they will receive 100% commission for the first sale and be promoted as a featured photographer. The closing date for entries is 31st August 2013.

Alan Capel, head of content at Alamy, comments: "Speed, aspirational travel, power (both kinds!), global connections, business, pleasure, business and pleasure... the list goes on. Good aviation photography can be conceptual, dramatic, interesting and occasionally astounding. We are delighted to be involved in this competition and look forward to seeing the entries."

Adam Twidell, CEO of PrivateFly.com, is an experienced private jet pilot, former RAF pilot and another member of the judging panel. He comments: "These new awards are an exciting opportunity for private aviation photographers to receive global recognition for their exceptional talent and dedication."

New York, NY

Mary Evans Picture Library, the UK's leading historical image source, is pleased to announce a new representation agreement with the Natural History Museum, Britain's magnificent repository of more than 70 million plant, animal, insect, fossil and geological specimens, assembled over 300 years of exploration and discovery.

Mary EvaNns will be making available the widest selection to date from the institution's world-class collections, offering over 14,000 images drawn from the museum's wealth of specimens, archival resources, artwork and photography. Among the wide range of subjects covering natural history, environment and conservation are previously unseen images including the newly scanned and cleaned images from John James Audubon's, "Birds of America," as well as fascinating photographs documenting the museum's long and auspicious history.

'We tend to think of history as the history of people, places and events,' says Tom Gillmor, Head of Content at Mary Evans, 'but it is also the history of the natural world. The addition of the Natural History Museum to our existing collections means we can now offer a myriad of images from excavations to extinct species to exquisite botanical drawings, not forgetting, of course, dinosaurs! We are delighted to be partnering up with such a prestigious institution and adding another dimension to the way in which our library documents the past.'

Representation of the Natural History Museum is the latest of a number of prestigious collections available at Mary Evans Picture Library from the nation's best-loved museums and institutions. Others include The National Archives, The Castle Howard Collection, The Ashmolean Museum and English Heritage and fits with the Mary Evans aim of making the best images from history available in one place for ease of access and licensing.

Images from the Natural History Museum are now available online at www.maryevans.com. Click here to view an edited selection: http://www.maryevans.com/lb.php?ref=21659

For further information please contact:

Tom Gillmor
Mary Evans Picture Library
59 Tranquil Vale
London SE3 0BS
T: 020 8318 0034

New York, NY

Not much needs to be said about the cultural epicenter of documentary photography that is Magnum Photos. It is the people's visions, desires and dreams - a chronicle of the world, that is shown to us.

A plainpicture selection from this impressive collection, which reflects so many different and incredible aspects of life and the world around us, is now available.

The Hamburg agency viewed Magnum from a new perspective: breaking away from the context of documentary photography, the focus of the plainpicture selection lies in strong symbolism and emotion. It is an atmosphere which the brilliant narrative of many Magnum photographers share with the aesthetic of the plainpicture Rauschen collection.

plainpicture succeeds in offering the opportunity for a different perspective on themes from Magnum which brings new relevance for graphic designers in the book and advertising industries and can be applied to promotional materials.

plainpicture succeeds in offering the opportunity for a different perspective on themes from Magnum which brings new relevance for graphic designers in the book and advertising industries and can be applied to promotional materials.


plainpicture GmbH
Eimsbütteler Chaussee 23
20259 Hamburg / Germany
+49-40-80 81 288-0

Kennebunk, ME

Munich, The international photography competition Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year Award 2013, supported by StockFood, has announced the winners. The prizes were awarded recently in the London art gallery, "The Mall Galleries." StockFood CEO Pete A. Eising awarded the prize for the best recently-published food photograph to the British food photographer Diana Miller. Ironically, with an image of a succulent prime rib, the vegetarian took first place. The top prize and winning title Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2013 went to Alexandrina Paduretu from Romania. Her photograph "Tasty Apple" places her at the top of the competition composed of 13 categories and makes her the overall winner. More than 5,500 professional and amateur photographers from 50 countries took part in the competition for the prestigious title.

The principle sponsor, who lent the competition its name, is the internationally renowned apple brand Pink Lady®. The awards were created to recognize achievements in modern food photography. In addition to the title Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2013, winner Alexandrina Paduretu has been awarded a cash prize of 5,000 GBP (approximately 6200 € or $8,000).

Some 390 photographers competed in the StockFood sponsored category "Food off the Press", which honours images recently published in books, magazines, newspapers or advertising campaigns. The jury, headed by StockFood CEO Pete Eising, awarded First Prize to Diana Miller for her photo "Rib of Beef" published by Anova Books in Britain.

Pete A. Eising who found out only after the presentation from the winner that she is a vegetarian commented on the jury decision: "The fact that a photographer who herself lives meatless, puts a prime rib so deliciously in a scene and wins, has a certain irony. I have liked this very much. However, we in the jury, did not know it…" Diana Miller currently has 230 photographs in the StockFood collection. The Second Prize in this category went to Turkish photographer Gokce Erenmemisoglu for his "Close up of Chef Making Dough". Swedish photographer Mans Jensen won third prize with his "Gothic Table Scene".

Winners were announced in a total of 13 different categories with works ranging from Food in the Street to Food in the Field and Food Celebration, presenting culinary delicacies for festive occasions around the world.

Principle sponsor Pink Lady awarded the prize in the category "An Apple A Day" to the most inspiring, creative and beautiful images showing an apple. A special award was created for photographers using mobile phones. The prize was awarded for the most original spontaneous food snap shot taken with a mobile phone. The winners in individual categories won professional camera equipment.

Principle sponsor Pink Lady awarded the prize in the category "An Apple A Day" to the most inspiring, creative and beautiful images showing an apple. A special award was created for photographers using mobile phones. The prize was awarded for the most original spontaneous food snap shot taken with a mobile phone. The winners in individual categories won professional camera equipment.

Principle sponsor Pink Lady presents the winners and their works on their website: www.pinkladyfoodphotographeroftheyear.com/2013/. The photographs of the winner and prize nominees are also on display at "The Mall Galleries" until April 28th. StockFood also presents the winning photographs on its website: www.stockfood.com/pink_lady_awards.

Pavilion, NY

We are very excited to be working with PACA on our next New York event on Wednesday, October 23rd. The venue will again be the popular and centrally-located Altman Building, but what's new this year is that the PACA Conference will be at the same venue on the preceding two days: how convenient is that? We will be making some changes to the event format to make exhibiting even more affordable for agencies of all sizes.

With the economy finally picking up in the US, this is definitely the year to invest in a trip to New York, to learn, network and sell, all under one roof in three intensive days of business development.

Full details of the event will be available in April, and booking will open immediately following Visual Connections Toronto. In the meantime, add October 21-23 to your calendar.

For further information, please contact:

Deborah Free, President, Visual Connections LLC
+1 585 768-7880 / deborah@visualconnections.com / www.visualconnections.com

Belgrade, Serbia

It would be a great honor to improve the quality of the exhibition with your photos.

FIAP 2013/101
UPI licence L130001-M4G
FSS/ 2013/18

Closing date 5th June 2013
Welcome to the 3rd International Salon of photography Smederevo 2013

Catalog ****

Dragoslav Mirkovic, EFIAP/s, MF FSS, ULUPUDS

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