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2008 PACA International Conference
October 24-26, New York City

Conference Program

Friday, October 24
  9:00 AM to
  4:00 PM
Executive Board Meeting  
12:00 PM to
  5:30 PM
  7:30 PM to
10:00 PM
Opening Reception

Cocktails sponsored by Imprezzeo.

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Saturday, October 25
  7:30 AM
Registration Opens  
  8:00 AM to
  9:30 AM
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  9:30 AM to
10:00 AM
Welcoming Address by PACA President Maria Kessler  
10:00 AM to
12:00 PM

"7 Things You Need to Do Right Now: Aligning The Fast Future to Your Current Strategy"

Keynote Presentation by Jim Carroll

Innovative organizations succeed by mastering the pace of the new high velocity economy.

Product innovations occur today at such a pace that  "time to market" is now measured in weeks rather than years. A furious pace of technological innovation continues unabated, with the rapid emergence of new technologies that change entire industries. Customer mind-set has become increasingly difficult to capture as we become a society with massive attention deficits, due to the wide proliferation of mind-grabbing media. Business models are subject to upheaval due to economic turmoil, commoditization of product, and the rapid emergence of new competitors.

It's a fast paced world—and that's why leading edge organizations are focused on key leadership strategies that provide for a fast paced future.

In this fast paced keynote, Jim Carroll will challenge you to confront the "big trends" that you need to face head on, and the challenges you need to tackle.

Jim's client list includes the BBC, the Walt Disney Corporation, and Readers Digest Food & Entertainment group, the publisher Everyday with Rachel Ray.

Sponsored by Getty Images.

12:00 PM to
  1:30 PM
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  2:00 PM to
  4:00 PM
Art Buyers Panel

Panelists: Jennifer Lim (Bill Smith Group), Brian Bobinski (freelance designer), Darrell B. Perry (Wall Street Journal), Marc Sirinsky (Rodale)

Moderator: Maggie Hunt (StockShop)

Sponsored by StockShop.

  3:30 PM to
  4:00 PM
Refreshment Break Sponsorship opportunity still available.
  4:00 PM to
  5:00 PM
"PLUS Takes Root in the Publishing Industry"

A panel of representatives from the major publishers will discuss how they plan to utilize the PLUS standards, and what a future workflow with their image providers might look like. This discussion, led by Jeff Sedlik, CEO of the PLUS Coalition, will focus on the value of embedded metadata and the importance of image supplier coordination with their customers.

Panelists: Bonnie Beacher (McGraw Hill Education), Jacqueline Lee (Pearson Education), Any Wrynn (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company)

Moderator: Jeff Sedlik (PLUS Coalition)

  5:00 PM to
  5:30 PM
Business Meeting  
  5:45 PM to
  6:30 PM
"Celebration Of Life" for Jane Kinne Hosted by "Friends of Jane Kinne". To become a "Friend," send a donation to the PACA Office by September 30, 2008. 25% of your contribution will go to the Jane Kinne Copyright Education Program.
  6:30 PM to
  7:30 PM
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  7:30 PM to
Dinner (you're on your own)  
Sunday, October 26
  9:00 AM to
10:00 AM
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10:00 AM to
11:45 AM
Distributor/Source Collection Relations
"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"

Our panel of industry experts discusses the benefits and pitfalls of distributing collections through various distribution models. Learn how to maximize your company’s image sales while minimizing risk.

Panelists: Aaron Booth (Corbis), Cheryl DiFrank (Stock Connection), Maura Mulvihill (National Geographic), Jeff Schultz (Alaska Stock), Christina Vaughan (Image Source)

Moderator: Roger Ressmeyer (Science Faction)

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11:45 AM to
12:00 PM
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12:00 PM to
  1:30 PM
"Enforcing Your Copyright in the United States"

Online licensing has revolutionized the way images are acquired, but the web also has resulted in unprecedented piracy of images and other content. The ability to enforce your copyright and collect damages seems threatened from many sources. Proposed US legislation and EU directives are looking at the problem of Orphan Works, which would limit the remedies a copyright owner could receive if a work is infringed. Technology strips metadata leaving works vulnerable. Web designers use images found on the web without even looking for the owner. What steps can a copyright owner or a stock library take to reduce piracy online and collect fees? What cases are worth pursuing and when should you be satisfied with just having the infringing images removed. How do you value an infringement case. What technology is available to help detect infringing uses and what do you do with the information.

The PACA legal session will include an update on the U.S. Orphan Works legislation from Nancy Wolff, PACA Counsel, as well as a presentation from Sylvie Fodor, CEPIC Administrator, regarding the EU’s view on Orphan Works. In addition, Nancy Wolff will moderate a panel of copyright experts, including NY attorney Dan Nelson, appraiser Ellen Boughn, and PicScout Co-CEO Offir Gutelzon.

Answer your legal questions regarding copyright enforcement, deciding when to bring actions, how to value your claim including the use of expert witnesses, and how the proposed orphan works may affect enforcement

Speaker & Panel Moderator: Nancy Wolff, Esq. (PACA Counsel)

Sponsored by the National Portrait Gallery, UK.

  1:30 PM to
  3:30 PM
Lunch/Business 101 Sponsorship opportunity still available.
  3:30 PM to
  5:30 PM
"What Role is Technology Playing in New Business Opportunities?  (P.S. It’s already happening...)"

This session brings together a range of panelists, some (relatively) new to the stock photography industry, others from creative industries outside our own; but all with a real interest in technology and how it is rapidly changing—and for some, has already changed—the landscape and business of monetizing digital assets in an online environment. Expect a lively discussion, revealing insights, and differing perspectives that reflect the diverse backgrounds of the panelists.

Panelists: Kevin Goldsmith (Adobe), John Griffin (CutCaster), Oleg Tscheltzoff (Fotolia), Ben London (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences), Giles Copp (Version Industries)

Moderator: Jeff Burke, Former PACA President

Sponsored by Imprezzeo.

  7:30 PM to
Cocktails and Banquet at The Grill Room Sponsorship opportunity still available.